Monday, January 9, 2012

Sometimes, I wish I was British, day 9

Over Christmas break I streamed a show on Netflix to my iPad and watched the first episode of Downton Abbey while in bed one night. I was never expecting to be completely overtaken with love for this show.  But I shouldn't have been surprised, it is all things I love: British, dramatic, cheeky, historical, and full of rich relationships and story lines. I watched the entire first season in 2 days. I was delighted to find out the 2nd season was beginning in early January. So today I shipped the kids off to school, hurried through my laundry and house cleaning and errands to have just enough time to watch the 2 hour premiere that I had recorded. And it did not disappoint! Has there ever been a more sweet and tragic love than Anna and Mr. Bates? The scene of Lady Mary and Matthew Crowley at the train station is simply beautiful with her dress and his handsome uniform. I find myself praying he makes it home safely too! After 2 hours, I was dreaming I spoke with a British accent and had a ladies maid waiting on my every whim. :) Are you watching this show? Am I alone in this new obsession? If you are a fan of all things Mr. Darcy and costume drama you will LOVE it.

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