Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Labels, day 31

Today was a rare day when the organizing bug hit in full force.  A year or so ago, I read an article about Jamie Lee Curtis in a magazine and her organizing system.   I don't practice her methods to the extremes like she does, but I was already doing a lot of similar things like removing items from their packaging when they come home from the grocery store.  A few years ago I started buying the nice BPA free plastic storage containers for bulk items.  These are not cheap, so I would just purchase a few here and there.  My next step was to store items in Mason jars or glass containers.  I love that you can see items like nuts and tea bags without seeing the branding and packaging instead.  

My pantry is one of my favorite parts of my kitchen.  However, it's usually always a mess.  So today I tackled organizing it by category and getting rid of the excess.  Even if it won't last this way for long, I love the result!   Even the kids were amazed, so I'll say it was worth the time investment!

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