Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is it June yet?, Day 3

Today was the last of Christmas break and we were all a little down about it.  It has been so much fun to just hang out and play board games, Wii, and Legos all week.  I am secretly hoping for a few snow days between now and spring break to help us make it through the winter!

My oldest daughter (referred to on this blog as MJ - Michael Junior, which is what we call her since her love affair was Michael Jackson was discovered a few years ago), has been begging me to let her read Hunger Games.  I finally relented over the break because I knew she would be too absorbed in the book during school to focus.  Sure enough, she brought it along in the car with us to run errands today.  This is exactly what I was like at 11.  It makes me smile.

My younger daughter (who will be called Sparky here because she loves all things that sparkle, and well, I watched Christmas Vacation a lot over the break), loves "with a capital L" all things summer:  flip flops, swimming, bikinis.  We had a man come over tonight to talk to us about remodeling our current back porch and the POSSIBILITY of one day adding a pool/ outdoor kitchen.  I had no idea little eyes and ears were wandering around until I came back inside and was met by little Sparky with a huge hopeful smile. 

These girls made me smile today and I'm a little sad to ship them back to school tomorrow.  Looking forward to summer already!

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