Monday, January 30, 2012

Beans, beans, day 30

Pinterest is a great thing.  It stimulates the creative and inspiring parts of my brain.  But there always comes a point where you have to step away from the computer and actually make something that you saw on Pinterest.  I have made a wreath, some crafts for the kids, and countless recipes.  They have mostly been tasty and well received by the family.  Until today.

Like everyone else in January, we are trying to eat healthier and be a little more weight conscious around here.  So when I saw this brownie concoction on Pinterest, I went straight to the pantry to test it out.  

Here are the ingredients:

That's it.  A box of brownie mix and black beans.  You actually puree the black beans and use them as a substitute for the eggs and oil in the recipe, eliminating the saturated fat and adding fiber.  They smelled good.  They looked good.  They tasted HORRIBLE.  I said nothing when the kids came home, but it didn't take them long to find the plate of special brownies.  They were too nice to call them horrible, but they did tell me they were dry and kind of like cardboard.  You should have seen their faces when they found out they had beans in them!  I wish I had video taped it.  (Yes, I'm a child of the 80's, I will always use the phrase video taped.)  Just goes to show you that you can't always believe the Pinterest recipes, even when they state - best no fat brownies EVER!  Who else has a bad Pinterest experience?  I can't be the only one!

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  1. Over the weekend I made a Pinterest Coca-Cola cake. Ok, hello!!! It's sheet cake! Like my famous Texas sheet cake....only not as good! In my house, cake & sheet cake are 2 totally different things. One has icing, one has fudge icing. Anyway, the picture was deceiving & the way she incorporated ingredients was...well, odd for a Southerner. I don't do it for my far superior sheet cake (which has no Coke & no high fructose corn syrup, etc. & far less calories) so I had hopes it would turn out more cake-like. It was good, but it was sheet cake. Fudgey icing & all. {sigh} People think they know Southern cooking. I turn up my nose & laugh French-like at them. ;)