Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moments, day 66

Joyful moments today:
*  Sold 3 Matilda Jane clothing items online for $82.00  Cha-ching.

*  My sister let me know she is getting closer to having her baby, which means another new nephew soon for me!

*  Found new tennis shoes for my youngest daughter which we both agreed upon and they actually had the size she needed in stock.  (If you know my Sparkles, this is nothing short of a miracle.)

*  2 dental checkups for my girls completed with NO cavities. Yea!

*  A night away with my husband at our weekly marriage class.  Which means no cooking for me and a dinner with no kids!

*  A wonderful babysitter who is trustworthy, reliable, firm, patient, and loved by my kids.  (While it sounds simple, it is actually a very rare fine.  Can I get an AMEN, parents?)

Not bad for a busy Tuesday!

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