Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crystal Bridges, day 64

My husband and I spent the day together going to a new local museum, Crystal Bridges.

This was built by the Walton family and it is entirely free.  The building is beautiful and a work of art itself.  The art is fun to look at and the restaurant, Eleven, is first class.  I wish I would have thought to take a picture of our lunch, but this is a pic of the restaurant itself.  It truly is beautiful!

This piece was one of my favorites.  It depicts the famous Lord's Supper painting, but it constructed upside down using only spools of thread.  Each row is suspended individually (you can barely see this in the picture) and you can't really see this painting until you step far back.  Amazing!

This one was another favorite just because we thought this bust (made entirely of silicone!) looks just like my husband in about 30 years.

We had a great date-day and if you live in the area you should go check out the museum while it is still free!

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